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10 questions you should ask when engaging in a building designer

Being empowered is recognizing that you DO have the power to change your life. It is recognizing that your choices matter and you do have control over what happens to you. The biggest problem when people are feeling dis-empowered is that they have a hard time changing their circumstances

The fastest way to dis-empower yourself is making an excuse or blame shifting your problem on something else, or giving up your power to another person instead of listening and consulting with the guidance within you—the home of your own emotional and spiritual intelligence

You see, excuses and blaming is the easiest way to dissolve responsibility from taking action towards what you want. Placing all the power into others is an easy way to release yourself from personal responsibility. In essence, fear is in control of you… and you have given your power and control away. It’s often easier to be told what to do than to decide for yourself. The purpose of this article is to tell you, you can take back your power!

We all encounter outside circumstances we cannot control in our life. However, within the confines of your circumstances, there are always choices. It is these choices that determine your degree of power in creating your life—from your health, level of fulfilment and attaining your goals and dreams.

When you take responsibility and work through and beyond whatever circumstances come your way, you empower your life on a new level. You take the power into yourself and instead of allowing the outward circumstance to dictate your destiny; you take it upon yourself to rule your destiny.

9 Ways for You to Keep Your Personal Power and be Empowered!

  1. Don’t waste energy complaining.
  2. Accept responsibility for how you feel.
  3. Establish healthy boundaries.
  4. Practice forgiveness, heal the past.
  5. Know your values and beliefs
  6. Don’t waste time on unproductive thoughts.
  7. Avoid language that implies you’re a victim.
  8. Make your self-worth independent of other people’s opinions.
  9. Be willing to stand out from the crowd.