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In less than ten minutes in the shower, you can not only cleanse your skin, but you can also achieve the youthful glowing skin you deserve through an all-natural product. Coffee scrub is 100% natural with active ingredients and no chemicals.

Love those benefits:

★ Exfoliating cleansing

Coffee scrub, combined with mountain, sea or river salt and sugar cane granules, cleanses your skin of all dead skin cells, dirt, grime and chemicals that have accumulated on your skin and allow your skin to breathe.

★ Youthful glow

Exfoliation reveals and promotes new healthy skin that gives you the youthful glowing skin you deserve. This is achieved as the skin cells separate and new skin layers grow from the active ingredients.

★ Reduces cellulite temporarily

Caffeine, salt and sugar cane is absorbed into your skin. This partially breaks down the fat cells (the cause of cellulite) and absorbs this moisture as part of the fat reduction. It also temporarily constricts blood vessels around the surface of the skin, preventing excess fluid build-up and tightens your skin to make you look irresistible.

★ De-puff tired eyes

Similar to reducing cellulite, coffee scrub will remove the baggy eyes as it constricts the blood vessels under your eyes and removes the excess fluid.

★ Rebalance your skin

Coffee contains high amounts of anti-oxidants and with the active ingredients replaces the minerals and compounds your skin needs to improve muscle and skin operation through increased hydration and balancing blood pressure.

How does it work?

Coffee scrub works best when your body is wet. With a handful of scrub, apply it on your body with the various approved techniques:

★ Basic: Straight up and down
★ Expert: Circular massaging motion
★ Adventurous: Have someone else apply it for you

Should only be used 2 – 3 times per week.