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Plantar heel pain or heel spur syndrome is a very common condition. Heel pain is often suffered or experienced when weight is placed on the heel after a period of rest. This can be especially prevalent when getting out of bed in the morning.

Here are 4 simple steps to help you resolve your heel pain;

1. Ice massage

Roll your arch (backwards and forwards) over a frozen water bottle for 2 minutes. This may be initially uncomfortable but will gradually settle.

2. Calf stretches

Keep your right leg forward, foot flat on the floor, and extend your left leg straight back, placing your heel flat on the floor. Don’t bend your back knee. Lean into the wall until you feel the stretch in the calf of the straight leg. Hold for 25 seconds and switch sides.

3. Tennis ball massage

Roll your arch over a tennis ball for 2 minutes. This may initially be uncomfortable – it will gradually settle. Do this morning and evening.

4. Plantar fascia stretch

Stretching your toes back towards the top of your foot and hold it for 25 seconds. This could be done while sitting on a chair with your ankle resting on your knee. One hand is pulling the toes back while the other hand is massaging the arch.

5. Foot mobilisation

When joints in feet and ankles are misaligned or restricted, this may result in plantar heel pain. See a podiatrist to mobilise your foot and ankle joints to restore quality of movement and improve postural alignment. This helps relieve plantar heel pain.