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10 questions you should ask when engaging in a building designer

The number one question you’re probably asking is: how do I even know this voice in my head is even my intuition?

As a practising Medium and Psychic this is the number the question I get asked all the time!  Most of my work with clients is around this very subject and getting you to understand the difference between the mind and intuition. This isn’t just anyone’s mind this is YOUR mind in specific.

Hence the breakthroughs!

So here are some tips to help navigate yourself through the head talk you’ve probably been experiencing:

  1. If it’s denigrating in any way it’s your head!
  2. Intuitive thought are almost like soft whispers they don’t yell or scream.
  3. Intuition gains it’s voice in strength not volume, so if it’s screaming at you it’s not intuition.
  4. When you’re unsure, wait a few times for it to tell you the message again and see how, if at all it changes.
  5. Recognition of intuition gives it it’s power.
  6. Once you start following it the knowing grows. It’s as if it starts communicating back and recognises you’re listening.
  7. Go with the positive vibe ✌🏽️and let go of negative beliefs like: what if I’m wrong.
  8. Give it a go! Follow it for a change instead of ignoring it – you’re essentially in a pattern that’s keeping in the head.
  9. Trust is the biggest block to following intuition.
  10. Everyone’s intuitive process is unique – discovering yours is the key!