17-20 October 2024
International Convention Centre Sydney

Mind Body and Eating

A corporate wellness facilitator, body image and eating psychology coach. Fiona uses dynamic eating psychology, mind body nutrition, aromatherapy and emotional release techniques to help you discover and process underlying emotional blocks in your relationship with food and body. Find freedom, flow and ease with food and your body today.

doTERRA Sharing Natures Pharmacy

Wanting to empower your wellbing choices? Lo Tox living, Immune Support, More Ease and Less Ouch, Gut Health, Metabolism, Emotional Wellbeing? Every aspect of our life can be supported by our choices. Sharing Nature’s Pharmacy is the wellbeing arm of Active Axons Education. We believe that people who understand their biology have better choices for […]


Practical ritual tools to support you when navigating the stresses of daily life. Crafted through a shamanic lens, we layer prayer, ceremony and ritual throughout the making of our products which include incense, candles, perfume oil, ceremonial cacao, caffeine free chai and ceremonial cups.

Holy Sanity

Holy Sanity uses Ayurvedic principles to foster beauty, health, and well being in the most natural way possible. Ayurveda is a natural and holistic approach to living that promotes health and wellbeing. It’s a philosophy. A science. A psychology. A lifestyle. And health management. Ayurveda has been subtly woven into the daily skincare routine for […]


Experience the joy of pure and natural essential oils with PRO-OILS AROMATHERAPY at the MindBodySpirit Festival. In addition to an enormous range of individual plant oils, we have over 30 aromatherapy blends to help promote relaxation, balance, and well-being. Our range includes ultrasonic diffusers, roll-ons and gift sets. We also stock empty bottles and packaging, […]

Rare Earth Oils

Rare Earth Oils is a social enterprise focused on harnessing the medicinal properties of essential oils and herbs to make organic alternatives to synthetic products. They wild harvest and distill eucalyptus essential oils to create a range of organic wellness products for the whole family.

ANDESS Rainforest Healing Plants

We are in NSW, Australia and considered so far by our customers a trusted online retailer and distributor of unique healing herbs, amazing superfood powders, natural incenses, rare essential oils, plant medicine essences, ceremonial clothes and accessories, healing jewlery, as well as other sacred and shamanic tools. All our products are sourced directly from local […]

Lil J Haircare

Lil J Haircare is a collection of all-natural, Aussie-made hair products packed with nourishing nutrients and ingredients, designed to feed your fabulous. We’re an Aussie-made and owned company, established in 2022 with decades of industry expertise that has helped create incredible clean hair-care products with natural ingredients that are as powerful, healing and pure as […]

Hieros Gamos Alchemy

We Handcraft and Hand-Pour – All Natural Top Quality Essential Oil Perfumes For Ritual And Everyday Use That Can Last 6-8 hours on the body – Shamanic and Esoteric Exploration To Ceremonially Transmute Shadows and Embody Your Soul’s Expression of 4 Archetypes – Use Our Audios and Homeopathic Plant Medicine Infused Products.

Bottlebrush Perfumery

Bottlebrush Perfumery is a small business from the Blue Mountains, making low tox and natural perfumes and beard products with essential oils and plant-based products. We make a variety of mists, roll ons and solid perfume balms to cater to all preferences. Our scents are inspired by the Blue Mountains, and we are passionate about […]