17-20 October 2024
International Convention Centre Sydney

Supreme Master Ching Hai

Supreme Master Ching Hai is a world-renowned humanitarian, artist and a fully enlightened master. She imparts the Quan Yin Method of Meditation (contemplation on the inner light and vibration) and provides spiritual guidance to the sincere truth seekers free of charge regardless of their backgrounds. She also embodies profound love for all beings and, for over three decades. has rendered financial and material support to millions of people around the world as well as many animal protection / rescue organisations, communities, and individuals.
Inspired by our beloved Master’s shining example, we, the Association members, not only discharge our daily roles and responsibilities but also practise the Quan Yin Method of Meditation in order to cultivate our spiritual self, achieve inner peace, and reunite with the Most High. Like our dearest Master, we are all vegans as this demonstrates our love in action and shows our respect for all God’s creations. Adopting the plant-based diet is also the quickest and the most effective way to curb climate change and bring peace to the world.
World vegan. World peace. Let’s work together to make it a reality.

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