17-20 October 2024
International Convention Centre Sydney

Rebs Baijent

Rebs Baijent is a Visionary & Psychic Artist, Shamanic Healer, Oracular Psychic Medium,Holistic Therapist, & Art Therapist. Rebs’ spirititual work, has spanned over 20 years both here in australia, and overseas. Rebs has a unique way of working with her Spiritual & Psychic Art working with Auragraphs & Soul Portraits. Rebs’ Artwork provides all the information she requires for the reading that accompanies this experience. The artworks are colourful, vibrational & symbolic, covering past (this life and previous) present & potential future, also spirit & guide communications can present in a reading. Rebs will be able to capture through colour & vibrations the truest essance of a persons soul, aspects of the journey or their calling within this lifetime and others. Rebs has participated in events around the world,and has been a guest speaking on TV, Podcast, Radio shows & at Paranormal & UFO societies.Rebs as a Shamanic Healer trained with some of the best Guides & Teachers in the world.

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