17-20 October 2024
International Convention Centre Sydney

ELIA Wellness

Want to find out where you are at with your health and speak with a health professional on how to improve your health? Visit the ELIA Wellness booth to check out your health score. Having a health body, improves your emotional health and takes you on a greater journey in life, especially in searching for meaning and purpose. ELIA Wellness partners with Adventist Health in educating the community on whole-person health because we care. We help to improve your health not only through health screening but also through lifestyle and health group programs and resources. To join any of the community lifestyle programs, visit bit.ly/sydwellnessfest
The various resources of evidence-based articles, videos, programs, plans and more were created and designed by a team of lifestyle medicine health professionals. Our philosophy is that complete health is obtained through a whole-person health approach based on the 7 Dimensions of Wellness. Health body and healthy mind promotes a healthy spirit. To know more of ELIA Wellness, visit www.eliawellness.com

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