17-20 October 2024
International Convention Centre Sydney

Energy Alchymie Happiness

Energy Alchymie Happiness produces empowered Esoteric Energy Products designed to support and inspire individuals to grow beyond their present levels of limitation. Each product holds a specific intention for energetic purification and transformation. These tools can be used personally and in your immediate environment. Engage them at work; during exercise; recreational activities; meditation or at […]

GAM Australia & NZ

Join a community passionate to help humanity achieve a higher state of collective oneness consciousness to bring the planet into the Inner Golden Age. Experience Sacred processes to fast-track your Worldly and Spiritual fulfillment. Our In-Person Soma Miracle Events give people extraordinary miracles in Health, Wealth, and Relationships.

Brahma Kumaris Australia

Each thought we have is powerful and has a direct effect on ourselves, the atmosphere and others. At the Brahma Kumaris, we teach how to transform negative thoughts into positive thoughts with the power of our mind. Visit us at The Meditation Room for an introduction to an open eyed meditation method you can use […]

Lito Design

Lito Design, a cherished venture founded by two sisters in Sydney, specialises in crafting delicate Rose Salt Lamps. Guided by the wisdom of their sculptor father, they hand-carve each piece from raw stones, preserving its charm while creating a peaceful, spiritually uplifting atmosphere. Roses, symbols of love and joy in their family, inspire their creations. […]

Flow Yoga Wear

we are ARTISANAL PRINTMAKERS & CLOTHING STORYTELLERS. Flow specialises in AUSTRALIAN MADE Yoga and Fashion wear for EVERY beautiful body. Made with much love in beautiful QLD, Australia, our garments feature bohemian designs inspired by nature, art and colour. Our dream is to welcome and encourage women of all shapes and sizes to love and […]

Meditation Stools and Accessories

We are proud to offer unique, adjustable, handmade wooden meditation stools that swivel to the position of greatest comfort. These solidly built stools allow you to kneel comfortably during meditation without suffering backpain,leg discomfort, cramping or pins and needles. We offer different sizes, bulk discounts and welcome wholesale enquiries.

Zen Warrior Shop

Launch on a wild ride at MindBodySpirit Festival with Zen Warriors – your secret stash for badass yoga and activewear. Dive into our killer collection made for both male and female warriors crushing it in fitness and the great outdoors. Ladies, ignite your vibe with the cosmic energy of Crystal Sound Bowls and the earthy […]

Liicht Yoga

Liicht Yoga creates eco-conscious workwear that’s elegant, professional, and comfortable enabling you to transition seamlessly from work to yoga. With their range, there’s no need to iron your workwear anymore, and you can go from the office to your yoga practice, or even a night out.

Supreme Master Ching Hai

Supreme Master Ching Hai is a world-renowned humanitarian, artist and a fully enlightened master. She imparts the Quan Yin Method of Meditation (contemplation on the inner light and vibration) and provides spiritual guidance to the sincere truth seekers free of charge regardless of their backgrounds. She also embodies profound love for all beings and, for […]

Moon Rituals

Sydney’s Moon Rituals offers handcrafted crystals, candles, sprays, and jewelry to guide you on your spiritual journey. ✨ Release stress, reconnect with yourself, and discover your inner light with our unique range of wellness tools. Visit us today and embark on your path to spiritual growth.