17-20 October 2024
International Convention Centre Sydney

Aura Photographics

See Your Aura! Every aura photo includes a personal interpretation of your colours and energies. No need to book, just come and see us anytime, or visit our stand at the MindBodySpirit Festival!

Florence King

Florence King platform psychic medium and author of six self published books and spiritual development teacher and featured in documentary “Psychics in the Suburbs” and 2014 International psychics association People’s Choice award winner

Angel TraShell & Royale Psychics

Angel TraShell is a globally recognized Angel Intuitive with an innate ability to connect with the spiritual realm. As a Psychic Medium and Clairvoyant, she utilises various tools Oracle cards, pendulum, and psychometry to provide profound insights. Additionally, Angel TraShell offers specialised techniques such as Psychic Surgery, Reiki, and Healing to facilitate emotional and spiritual […]

Erayna Giles Spiritual Counsellor

I don’t feel like what I do is a job… it’s my life. With love & respect I am able to connect people with those whom they have lost & provide tools to cope with the pressures and hardships of life. Throughout my soul journey I have learnt many lessons which have assisted me to […]

Find Your Bling

The Find Your Bling game helps to open your mind and bring you a sense of clarity and direction. The answers you’ve been looking for are within your grasp when you have the right questions. Come and try for yourself. Enjoy a sense of fun, community and belonging at one of our Bling game events, […]

The Creative Heart

Lyn Burge from The Creative Heart Centre, Multidimensional Energy Therapist and Channelled Messages to awaken your heart and soul You are a vibrational being in a vibrational universe. You are both the transmitter and receiver of energy. Every thought and feeling is creating your reality. Experience new simple tools, techniques and teachings that can alter […]

Enchanted Soul Healing

Soul Messenger are doing readings and healings with the guidance of the animals and spirit guides. They help you reconnect in the 5 aspects of life 1 THOUGHTS MIND 2 PHYSICAL ACTIONS 3 EMOTIONAL INTUITION 4 HEART UNCONDITIONAL LOVE 5 SOUL HOME WHERE MY TRUTH LIES.

Inspired Lifestyle

At Inspired Lifestyle we are more than a spiritual store, we offer hands on advice and we take pride in ourselves on providing excellent customer service with a friendly atmosphere to all. We also have an avenue to help our customers who may be on their own spiritual journey through our dedicated and professional Psychics […]

Elizabeth Bratcher Psychic Medium

Elizabeth Bratcher is one of Australia’s leading Psychic Mediums. With a reputation of accuracy, kindness and deeply impacting connections, a reading with Elizabeth will enable you to lay peace to past, bring clarity to the present and hope for the future. Elizabeth is available everyday across the show in Stand C65. Elizabeth prefers to work […]