17-20 October 2024
International Convention Centre Sydney

Scott Wallace

Scott Wallace is a Trauma-Informed Breathwork Facilitator, Coach, Spiritual Mentor, Speaker, Artist & Entrepreneur. Over the past decade Scott has impacted over 5000+ people, supporting them with their journey of healing, growth and expansion, building a successful 6-figure soul-aligned business in the process. He has worked for, and with, a range of businesses, organisations and […]

Energy Alchymie Happiness

Energy Alchymie Happiness produces empowered Esoteric Energy Products designed to support and inspire individuals to grow beyond their present levels of limitation. Each product holds a specific intention for energetic purification and transformation. These tools can be used personally and in your immediate environment. Engage them at work; during exercise; recreational activities; meditation or at […]

Island Heart Retreats

We offer island getaways that connect with the heart and spirit of powerful Hawaiian ‘massage’ medicine. Choose between learning Lomi Lomi by giving and receiving, or a retreat where you simply receive this healing massage. Regardless, all our retreats guide you with spiritual processes and heartfelt adventures to gently release toxicity and embody purposeful flow-state.

Living Illumination

LIVING ILLUMINATION “Spirited University of the Soul” Discover something unique and different that stands out in the spiritual supermarket. Spirituality with Sincerity and Authenticity. Discover how you can connect and communicate with your own personal team of angels. Learn what is your 1st Gift. 1st means of communicating directly with your Angels. Your angels have […]

Mind Body and Eating

A corporate wellness facilitator, body image and eating psychology coach. Fiona uses dynamic eating psychology, mind body nutrition, aromatherapy and emotional release techniques to help you discover and process underlying emotional blocks in your relationship with food and body. Find freedom, flow and ease with food and your body today.

Find Your Bling

The Find Your Bling game helps to open your mind and bring you a sense of clarity and direction. The answers you’ve been looking for are within your grasp when you have the right questions. Come and try for yourself. Enjoy a sense of fun, community and belonging at one of our Bling game events, […]

The Creative Heart

Lyn Burge from The Creative Heart Centre, Multidimensional Energy Therapist and Channelled Messages to awaken your heart and soul You are a vibrational being in a vibrational universe. You are both the transmitter and receiver of energy. Every thought and feeling is creating your reality. Experience new simple tools, techniques and teachings that can alter […]


The Journal that will force the change you have been after! This Journal has been designed to keep you organised in your Human Design experiment. With a lot of thought put into its design, my mission is to have you integrate this potent source of information into your life minimising, commonly experienced, overwhelm. As you research, […]

Boogie Bounce Australia

Boogie Bounce is the sensational, high energy, dance inspired exercise programme, to get fit and lose weight on a high quality trampoline and T-bar handle. Visit us to purchase your own mini trampoline to bounce at home, or contact us to enquire about becoming an Instructor!

Happy Science

Happy Science is the Science of Happiness. Without an understanding of the meaning and purpose of our lives, it is impossible to attain the true happiness called ‘enlightenment.’ However, once we have become enlightened to who we truly are, where we come from, what the meaning and purpose of life is, and where we go […]