17-20 October 2024
International Convention Centre Sydney


Independent designer Wyldling creates contemporary wall pieces and sun catchers and accessories that are inspired by Sacred Geometry, The Elements and mathematics in nature. The resulting pieces are bold , unique and eye catching.

Love Anandi

Nestled at the heart of transformation and healing, Love Anandi brings to life an exquisite collection of one-of-a-kind high vibrational jewelry, intricately designed not just to adorn the body but to touch the soul. Each piece is a testament to the incredible power of nature’s own creations, thoughtfully harnessed through crystals, ritual, and sacred seeds […]

I Love Chakra Rebalance Retreats

Hello my name is Katie Manekshaw founder of I Love Chakra. I am on an ever evolving journey of creativity and spiritual growth. I am an energetic healer, crystal lover, artist, author, intuitive and empath and I would love to share my gifts with you. I am passionate about creating beautiful things that bring more […]

Moonglow Australia

MOONGLOW is an inspirational line of custom jewellery hand finished in Australia designed with a sentimental edge linking the moon to life’s most meaningful moments.  We call the process of illustrating the image of the moon in the sky for the date of your choice as “Moonshining”. People gravitate to our stall to find their […]


At AHHA jewelry we believe in creating meaningful connections with the things we buy or receive. And we are on a mission to help people around the world to practice thoughtful gifting to themselves and others. We select our materials with a lot of care and thought aiming to recycle, reuse and re-purpose as much […]

Love Spark Permanent Jewellery

Love Spark Permanent Jewellery is an experience that creates a bond like no other. It’s the ultimate friendship bracelet for those who aren’t afraid of a little commitment, something special for yourself to celebrate a personal milestone in life or simply Clasp less, custom, hassle-free jewellery designed to be lived in with no need to take […]

Simone Dennis Designs

Simone Dennis Designs creates gorgeous, unique jewellery using sterling silver, crystals & gemstones. Every piece is as unique as you, come and view her extensive range or have something made to order! Perhaps you’d like to join her in a jewellery class to make something special yourself? Do you have a store? No problem, we […]

Inspired Lifestyle

At Inspired Lifestyle we are more than a spiritual store, we offer hands on advice and we take pride in ourselves on providing excellent customer service with a friendly atmosphere to all. We also have an avenue to help our customers who may be on their own spiritual journey through our dedicated and professional Psychics […]

Birds of a Feather

At Birds of a Feather we design and make products to bring love, light and positive energy to you. Our aim is to delight you with our pieces and help you feel calm, grounded, loved, empowered and spiritually connected. We design and create hand-made Feather Headpieces, Wildflower Smudge Bundles, Goddess Headpieces, Feather Earrings and Feather […]


AusSpirit is an alternative healing modality offering jewellery, essences and crystals. Our jewellery is of the finest quality using only genuine, natural crystals set in solid s925 sterling silver. Our spiritually symbolic pieces also add that special zest to life. Our natural and unique essences are directly channelled from the spirit world and are an […]