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Why is Hydration Essential?

Drinking enough non-alcoholic and caffeine-free liquid on a daily basis is of key importance for everybody. If you do not pay enough attention to this simple, but significant daily routine, that can turn over your fluid balance and cause a lot of medical problems.

When not drinking enough, you become dehydrated. As a consequence, your blood becomes thicker, which results in high blood pressure. Also, your cells will lack energy, which will lead to eating more and gaining weight. On top of these, in a dehydrated condition there will be masses of toxins and acid waste in your body that will eventually lead to pain, inflammation and infections. Dehydration can also lead to fatigue, tiredness, skin disorders, asthma, allergies, high cholesterol level, constipation, many digestive disorders and premature aging.

Now let’s presume you drink only water for a month and exlude all other drinks. What happens then in your body?

  • You will lose weight faster.
  • Your metabolism will be 25%
  • You will be able to concentrate better.
  • Water washes out harmful susbstances from your body, which slows down aging.
  • The risk of many diseases,g. hypertension, vesical problems and even bowel cancer decreases.
  • Your heart will work better. By drinking 5 glasses of water a day the risk of heart attack decreases by 45%.
  • Water cleans your skin.

But how much liquid is enough? There are many factors that influence the amount of ideal daily water intake, e.g. gender, age, weight, season, exercise, diseases, pregnancy, etc. However, in general the best is to drink at least 30 ml/bodyweight/kg/day. This means that e.g. if you weigh 60 kgs, you have to drink a minimum of 60×30 = 1800 ml (1.8 liters) water per day, plus food containing liquid, excluding caffeine and alcohol. Generally speaking, women should consume a total of 2.7 litres from all food and beverages combined, while for men it’s about 3.7 litres a day.

However, some people may find it hard to drink „that much.” In most of those cases, the problem is that they don’t like the taste of water. How to love water? You can add one of the 63 flavours of Bolero to water, mix it and can enjoy its awesome taste right away – sugar free, gluten free and preservative free. On top, a Bolero sachet adds up to 3 liters, which covers your daily water intake needs.