17-20 October 2024
International Convention Centre Sydney

What helps you feel good?

Is it relaxing in the sun? Walks in nature? Is it being with others or alone that gets you to that happy place?

Happiness and feeling good is an inner experience; it is about being in flow. A life in ‘flow’, where you feel in your groove that rhythm and things occur in perfect timing; with ease… just makes you smile and feel good for no particular reason.

This involves being in rhythm with your body and mind – often referred to as your body clock or circadian rhythm. A sense of peace and calm comes about by knowing yourself, and this, in turn, feels good while feeding your inner being all the way to the cellular level. If our cells are healthy; the organs and body system function properly. We feel vital, alive, happy and healthy.

Hobbies are a great activity to take up, and often help bring a sense of calm to oneself.

Turning off one of society’s biggest addictions…. that of social media…. the fear of missing out on something that someone else is doing or experiencing, and you’re not a part of it.

Water & food. One’s cells need to be hydrated, receive nutrition in correct proportions, including a good variety of fresh foods, whole grains, seeds and nuts, seafood and meats. This combined with good fats, providing enough minerals important for the cells, and to also utilise the vitamins.

Floatation therapy provides the perfect environment to connect to you. The unique experience of floating in an enclosed space gives the most amazing sense of peace and calm. When the body is seen as a complete system, cellular health is fundamental to this picture and our bodies require the master mineral, magnesium, to assist in over 300 functions, one of the easiest ways to absorbed magnesium is transdermal via our largest organ the skin. The silence; the stillness; the sense of just being at one with your body…with no external stimuli having any profound effect on the brain and body.

This kicks off a cascading domino effect for all our systems to function better, leading to a healthier, happier body chemistry and a better you.