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Tips for Treating Eczema and Feeling Great

Eczema is one of the hardest skin conditions to treat and can be frustrating for both the patient and the practitioner.

Often there has been tons of suppressive conventional medicines and creams and homoeopathically we have to unblock that to activate the patients susceptibility before they react well to indicated remedies.

While we’re working at the baseline to sustain healing, there are several things you can do in the meantime to relieve the itch and irritability.

Looking at new symptoms emerging is crucial to ensure we don’t suppress anything while concentrating on the skin. The skin is the outer organ of the body, and I know many patients don’t want to hear this, but better to have your dis- ease there because when the skin condition is suppressed we drive the discord inward to a deeper organ, making it harder to treat and more dangerous. So instead of using suppressive creams, I’ve put together some helpful tips to relieve the itch naturally ? ?????????

♧ wounds that do not heal properly

♧ Anti-inflammatory activity

♧ Antioxidant effect

♧ Antimicrobial activity

♧ Antibacterial healing

#calendula speeds up the recovery of wounds by reducing the bacterial load


Alongside your skincare, Calendula is a must-have for the bathroom cabinet.

???? ???? ???:

♧ Sore throats

♧ Menstrual cramps

♧ Postpartum recovery – help your perineum heal with a gentle bonding w baby bath soak ✨

♧ Teeth and/or gum irritations ~ Haemorrhaging (bleed excessively or become infected) after extraction

#Calendula Tincture or cream:

♧ Antiseptic dressing for simple cuts, open abrasions and lacerated wounds. Takes away local pain & promotes healthy rapid healing ?


???? ~ Natural Soothing relief of skin irritations

?????? ????? ~ Minerals used in homeopathic medicine

that can be taken without interfering with the constitutional prescription. Nat Mur tissue salts (taken orally) are indicated for eczema and balancing body fluid.

?????? ????? ~ Get a good aqeous cream and add a few drops of the indicated homeopathic remedy ??? ??? this should relieve the itch and irritability locally.


Stay the course; you are worth the effort ☯