17-20 October 2024
International Convention Centre Sydney

The hidden treasure

Spiritual guide Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi says: ‘There is a hidden treasure in you, but you are not aware of it. Your illness and its remedy is also within you, but you are not yet aware of it.’

The hidden treasure in you is seven souls. There are seven cosmos and each soul, when enlightened and awakened, serves as a key to open the entire cosmos. With each enlightened soul, you can reach its respective cosmos. You can be there, feel it, see it, experience it, live there and accumulate all the energy there is.

Divine energy has more speed than light. When your souls are empowered by divine energy, you will close your eyes, think about the destination and in no time, your souls will be there.

From within these seven awakened and enlightened souls in your body, another nine assistant souls appear. You are one, but there will be sixteen like you inside you. If you revive them, you can be present simultaneously at sixteen different places. This is spirituality.

A spiritual guide does not have to be in your physical company to guide you. If you call upon him for help, he can travel in a flash. His soul will travel faster than the speed of light because he has divine energy.

Every single human being on earth, has these souls inside them. With this knowledge of spirituality, they can revive their spiritual senses, awaken their souls and become immortal forever.

If these souls are not awakened and are unconscious when you die, it is like a treasure ruined forever.

These souls are like birds. Before you die, set them free and each of your souls will go back to where they came from: a different cosmos.