17-20 October 2024
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How to stop getting sick

Your activity changes daily, so how do you know you are meeting your body’s needs?

We live in a world where humans are progressing at the most astonishing speed in history. But at the same time, more of us are getting sick – and even dying – of preventable diseases such as diabetes due to our unhealthy eating habits.

Three reasons why you get sick and how to easily avoid them:

1. High fat, high salt, high sugar diets

We are surrounded by food that is high in fats, sugar and salt, and most of the time it’s hidden away by clever labeling. Furthermore, we are so busy that we often resort to pre-packaged or ‘fast food’ packed full of even more salt, fat and sugar.

2. Most adults do not meet the recommended daily intake of fruits and vegetables

Sadly in today’s world, people often reach for packaged snacks and foods rather than reaching for the good, fresh stuff. It’s no wonder obesity rates are sky rocketing.

Fruits and vegetables contain vital minerals and nutrients to enable our bodies to function optimally. Blueberries are a perfect example as eating them daily can boost your memory as well as stabilise your blood sugar. Another example is broccoli which has been known to help control blood pressure and even combat certain types of cancer!

3. Most adults are unaware of their vitamin and mineral levels

Have you ever asked yourself, ‘Why do I feel so tired even though I’ve slept for 10 hours?’ Do you ever feel like you just can’t concentrate no matter how hard you try?

These symptoms point to a lack of nutrition in your body. Vitamins and minerals are essential for optimal function. Your body needs each individual vitamin or mineral in different amounts. But how do you know what your body is lacking? How do you right this imbalance? Vitastiq can help you.


VitaStiq is the world’s first personal device for checking your vitamin and mineral levels. It’s a compact, easy-to-use device that plugs straight into your smartphone, enabling you to measure and monitor the level of each vitamin and mineral in your body – whenever you want. This ingenious device is the ultimate health companion on your journey to a healthier, stronger and happier you.

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