17-20 October 2024
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Simple spiritual solutions – with Mitchell Coombes

Whether it’s healing a broken or heavy heart, attracting more prosperity into your life, or creating an aura of spiritual protection from negative situations, celebrity medium Mitchell Coombes shares with you some simple but effective tips:

Healing a broken heart
The aroma of a rose flower opens and balances the heart on all levels. It completely dissolves worries or fears and is a universal flower of unconditional love, compassion, and healing.

Mitchell’s tip: Place 3 drops of essential rose oil over your heart chakra (the space between your breastbone) and say “My heart is filled with love and I am safe”. Do this for 21 consecutive days and repeat this affirmation often. The rose oil will be a soothing balm to a broken or heavy heart.

Attracting prosperity
Citrine crystals bring about a deep sense of happiness and joy. They can strengthen personal willpower and are known as the “stones of abundance”

Mitchell’s tip: Carry a small citrine crystal around with you in your handbag, purse or wallet. Alternatively, you could please a citrine crystal, along with other symbols of prosperity, in the farthest left-hand corner (looking in from the main door) of any room. This is known as the prosperity / wealth corner in feng shui. 

Spiritual protection
If you have ever suddenly felt light headed, dizzy, or drained when in the company of a family member, friend or co-worker you may be being drained of energy.

Mitchell’s tip: Protect yourself from being drained or affected by negative environments or people. Simply close your eyes and imagine yourself in a bubble of protective gold light – be sure to visualise the gold light being sent over the top of your head and under the souls of your feet so you are completely surrounded in a protective bubble of light. I do this daily before leaving home.