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Is your shampoo making you sick?

You are trying to be healthy… You have gone gluten-free and don’t eat processed food, you do oil-pulling and dry-brushing and you are working out and having a massage regularly. So far so good. But have you ever thought of toxic ingredients in your personal care products like your toothpaste, your shower gel and shampoo?

Why should your shampoo be a concern?

Everything our skin comes in contact with gets absorbed into the bloodstream in just 26 seconds. While this might be helpful when you use an ointment or a pain patch – it has a detrimental effect on your health when it comes to absorbing toxic chemicals from your personal care products, your cosmetics as well as cleaning products.

Personal care products are loaded with chemicals associated with a wide range of harmful effects, from disrupting the endocrine and reproductive systems to damaging DNA and increasing the risk of cancer.

Mineral oil is full of carcinogens! Sodium Laureth Sulphate is so toxic that full protective gear is required for it to be handled – and it’s in our toothpaste! Propylene glycol penetrates skin and causes liver and kidney abnormalities – and it’s found in shampoo, spray deodorant and … anti-freeze! Parabens are linked to cancer! Yet all these products are lurking in our bathroom cabinets.

And the worst part is that we absorb far more toxins through our skin than from what we put in our mouth. Toxins in food are regulated, toxins in personal care and cosmetics aren’t.

This means that—when it comes to chemicals and toxins, at least—what you put on your skin may be even more important than what you eat.

As Raymond Francis explains there is only one disease – malfunctioning cells. And there are only two causes for that: toxicity and deficiency. The secret to health is giving cells what they need – essential nutrients – while protecting them from what they don’t need – toxins.

While over 300 toxins have been found in the umbilical cord of babies, a new study has shown that the levels of potentially hormone-disrupting chemicals in the bodies of teenage girls plunged just three days after they stopped using certain cosmetic products, shampoos and soaps that contained the problematic substances.

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