17-20 October 2024
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Remember your dreams

Did you know that we spend, on average, 26 years of our lives sleeping and it isn’t wasted time? Our dreaming mind is like an internal GPS sifting through and sorting out issues on our mind. But if we want to benefit from this night vision, how do we remember the 4 or 5 we all have every night?

  1. Condition the dreaming mind with your intent. Make the last thought before you drift off to sleep “I will remember a dream tonight”. Then have a pen and paper by your bed as a symbol of your intent. It shows the dreaming mind that you’re serious, but don’t be too intense about it.
  2. Visualise yourself waking up five minutes before the alarm. Otherwise the alarm, like any loud noise, will blast the dream away! We can’t afford to wake up too quickly or violently because we’ll lose 80% of the dream in the first two minutes.
  3. Finally, after slowly waking just lie quietly in bed without thinking. Simply remember what it was that you were doing. Without being excited that you’ve just had a dream and without wondering what it might mean, just recall each scene and go further back until you’ve remembered all that you can. Now re-run the dream through in chronological order. This brings the dream into the conscious mind and you’ll have about an hour to write it down (over breakfast).

The insights you gain from your dreams creates new forms of creativity that you can use everyday.  The hours during sleep have suddenly become productive, allowing you to dream your way to success and let your dreams turn your problems into solutions!