17-20 October 2024
International Convention Centre Sydney

Pure in heart: 15 minute healing prayer

Centre yourself, take a deep breath, relax and become present.

Visualise a bubble of purple and green light protecting you and another protecting the recipient of the prayer. Visualise both of you joined in healing.

Ask four Archangels to protect the corners of your room.

Ask the Ascended Masters, Archangels, Gods, Goddesses, Saints, Angels, Nature Spirits, your Guides and your Higher Self to join in prayer and ask the recipient, their Guides and Higher Self to accept the prayer for the greatest good of all concerned.

Take a deep breath and visualise the purest white healing light going into your crown through your body, down your arms and into your hands. You may feel the energy, some tingling or heat in your hands.

Take a deep breath and visualise the purest golden light of unconditional love travelling similarly and nestling into your heart. You may feel warmth in your heart.

Open your hands out with palms upright.

Visualise the purest white light travelling from your hands to the recipient, filling them and restoring their health. For the next 15 minutes focus on:

  1. The physical body entering their crown, flowing to every cell of their body, dissolving and removing all pain, disease, discomfort, illness or suffering.
  2. The 7 main chakras of their body (base, sacral, solar plexus, heart, throat, third eye and crown) one by one charging them individually (front and back).
  3. The recipient’s auric layers (etheric, emotional, mental and spiritual). Visualise the golden light travelling from your heart to the recipient’s, warming their heart with the golden light of unconditional love.

Release the recipient with love.

Thank the spirit for restoring the recipient’s health with ease and grace.