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Milestone Ages – Solfile Development Series

A combination of my own experience, client stories, astrological tools and psychological principles have made me put together this simple model with the intention to identify the demands and nudges life gifts us with at key times. I have shared it successfully with clients with instant and enduring results to navigate through changes.

We call this Milestone Ages.

Recently we have experienced major upheaval due to the current global events. This has been stressful as constantly changing circumstances cause uneasiness no matter what age we are. We are learning to adjust to restrictions we never thought we would experience in our lifetime. We are dealing with feeling out of control and overwhelmed at times as a result.

How is it that we deal with the situation differently one day to another? Why do we feel comfortable with some aspects of restrictions more than with others? How can it be explained that our opinions and beliefs vary so drastically? There seems to be a different way that each of us deal with the impact.


The Story of Character Coding

We are all born with a pre-defined genetic code that dictates every aspect of our physical development – eye colour, height, underlying health issues, sporting prowess (or the lack of it).

What few of us really appreciate is that we also begin life with an equally defined Character Code. Whether we like it or not, this dictates every aspect of our emotional and mental development – how we think and feel, what we like and dislike, what makes us happy and sad.

While physical features are instantly recognisable – tall people might be told from an early age that they’ll make a great netball or basketball player one day – it’s much harder to identify the aspect of your character that makes you more suited to certain career environments and challenges than others.

The pressure of the modern workforce means we feel pressured to conform to a workplace mould, rather than having the ability to focus on tasks that we’re best suited to. So called ‘performance review’ usually focuses on the things we need to do better. But the truth is, if your Character Code isn’t suited to those tasks, you will never excel in them. The result is stress and a sense of failure that leads to poor motivation and lack of productivity. And most importantly, a lack of joy in what we do.

After decades of experiencing the inadequacies of conventional career development, Sylvia and Brad, set to work in developing a tool that enables every individual to understand their Character Code. This allows us to highlight the professional areas in which you will excel, and those that are better avoided.


Have you lost the ability to understand or cope with what is happening around you?

Unlike DNA, every Character Code has a rhythm that means we’re better suited to certain challenges at certain times and not others. By plotting your unique rhythm, we can map out an accurate schedule for success, that assigns particular tasks to times of the month – or year – when you are most capable of tackling them with confidence and positive energy. The result is more personal achievement and career satisfaction – plus a very impressed employer, who will see the value of you being able to work to your full potential.

Whilst the Milestone Ages are pillars of the Character Code model, it requires further details from each individual, namely the unique birth data to reach the level of specifics and impact in our work. This tailored consideration is what our Solfile App provides.

The pillars work as a lifecycle guideline and provides insight about what may be a challenge and a driving force at that particular age. This article is the introduction to the Milestone Ages and the parts below are an age group specific pre-taste to what you can find out about in your personal Solfile. Solfile will cover the opportunities that are arising specific to you and how to make the most out of them.


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Milestone Age 28-29. 

Rites of passages towards individuation, outward and parental expectations vs. following your own footsteps

Milestone Age 35-36

Emergence of unresolved stirring from within, needing to clear out outmoded fears and restrictions, a time of intense emotions or involvement in an all-consuming or unavoidable situation.

Milestone Age 41-42

Unexpected disruption in your circumstances, cause by yourself or others, itchy feet, or a sense of running out of time, wanting lifestyle changes and feeling stuck, can lead to impulsive actions or challenging status quo, questioning what success is for you, social change, anxiety or excitement.

Milestone Age 49-50

Entering a wisdom age, becoming an expert, trainer in our field, wanting to pass on experience to others, legacy thoughts, contemplating health and an acute realization about the preciousness of time, an opportunity to reconcile and make peace with patterns and repeating issues.

Milestone Age 58-59

Looking back on life and especially back to age 28/29 and events may resurface connected to this time, breakthroughs, a second chance, preparing for the third phase of life, decision making, restructuring, consequences and rewards of previous actions surface.


About Sylvia Flimm

Sylvia is the Co-Founder of People Planet Guide; creators behind Solfile Astrology App.

Sylvia has shared her wide area of qualifications and practical expertise as financial executive, health practitioner and counsellor on her dual career path for nearly 30 years. It is her passion to provide tools for increased self-understanding as a key to authenticity and happiness. She works with individuals and teams in the workplace to foster positive interaction and authentic expression which has been her lifelong quest.

Her personal and client experiences combined with extensive work in the operation of Health Retreats and other businesses are well regarded locally and internationally. Sylvia offers unique In Focus consultations, connecting our wellbeing with mental and physical health to lead a successful and fulfilling life. She writes with the intent to help find our unique potential within and discover our special connection to our soul purpose which ultimately leads to a joyful life.