17-20 October 2024
International Convention Centre Sydney

Meditation and Mindfulness

It’s not about becoming a better you… it’s about finding comfort and peace in who you are right now.

A little less DOING, a little more BEING. Finding those moments that hold neither past nor future, good nor bad, ease nor effort. Those moments that just are. When you can just be.

Meditation and mindfulness are two big buzz words. Everyone wants to know about them, everyone is talking about them, and everyone is doing them. There is a myriad of articles, lectures and classes telling us that, in order to be better, more successful and calmer, we need to meditate and be mindful.

But is that really what meditation is about? For 1000s of years wise men (and women) have been meditating in order to reach a state of enlightenment. So what is enlightenment? Spiritually, enlightenment or Samadhi means contentment and bliss. A space void of dualities like good or bad, pain or pleasure. A space that holds nothing, is nothing and needs nothing.

In our modern world, meditation is used to manage stress and anxiety and is often used as a coping mechanism for all sorts of imbalances. So in every sense of the concept, meditation will not make you be “better”. It will just let you be. Right now, in this very moment, completely conscious and aware, neither good nor bad, happy nor sad. But 100% present in time, space and body.

And with that neutrality and focus on what is (rather than what was or what could be), comes a sense of peace. A sense of contentment, ease, bliss.

So we meditate, not to become better people but to be fully conscious, aware of and at peace with who we are. Because everything we need and everything we want to be, is already within us. We just need to look a little harder.