17-20 October 2024
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Lymph drainage – the key to wellness

Lymph drainage is very crucial but neglected aspect of health. Lymph is the interstitial fluid, similar to blood plasma containing lymphocytes and white blood cells.

The Lymphatic system is made up of open vessels which carry oxygenated blood and metabolites to the extremities, removes waste and toxins. Lymphatic vessels are interlaced with Lymphatic nodes, located mainly in our joints. The major lymph nodes in the body are in the thigh joints – Inguinal nodes and under our arms – Axillary nodes. Lymphatic system also regulates our immune system as Lymph nodes contain phagocytes and lymphocytes. When we catch any infection the microbes move through lymphatic system and flows into lymph nodes where they are destroyed by the phagocytes.

Medically lymph flows due to muscle suction, but there could be so many reasons for Lymphatic blockages, not understood medically as most the medical studies were done on dead bodies. Studying the living bodies, their energy and Chakras we have sufficient reasons to believe that our Sacral Chakra, which also regulates element water and emotional balance, has a major influence on lymphatic system. As majority of clients having emotional blockages have shown signs of lymphatic blockages and associated symptoms like lower/ upper back pain, menstrual or hormonal imbalances etc.

Since all major lymph nodes are located in the front of the body except for the ones behind the knee and neck, it’s easy to massage and unblock our lymph nodes, even while taking our shower. By clearing lymph nodes we can avoid so many health problems and stay healthy. It doesn’t require a special technique, just gentle massage with circular motion on the major lymph nodes in the groin and under arms keeps the major lymph nodes clear and healthy.