17-20 October 2024
International Convention Centre Sydney

Human Design – Discover your Energy Blueprint

Have you heard of the new self-awareness tool where modern science meets spirituality? Human Design is an astonishing and powerful system that reveals your encoded genetic blueprint giving you the true knowledge of who you are and what you are here to live out in this lifetime.

Just like we all have a unique fingerprint, our Human Design is the same. Your Human Design chart is a map that supports you in understanding yourself on a level you may not have yet tapped into.

This super advanced technology is a synthesis of ancient wisdom, modern science and physics. It has already helped millions of people unlock and transform their own DNA helping them become aligned with their unique design and live authentically. It is the first system to reveal our unconscious, genetically inherited imprinting.

Our energy fields are influenced by others around us, and we don’t always know what our personal truth is, versus what we’ve been told to believe is Truth. We often lose touch with our authentic self; this is called conditioning.

When you learn about your own unique energy configuration you have the ability to differentiate between the energy you create versus the energy you absorb from the world around you. Having awareness of this means you can start immediately making powerful decisions that will help you create a life that is in alignment with who you truly are.

Human Design is the science of deafferentation – what that means is it’s the science of how everyone is different.

Of course, we understand that everyone is different in society, but in real life we have difficulty appreciating and accepting this. We have been living in a culture that is called homogenisation, a masculine, power driven, technology-based paradigm. Everywhere we look we are conditioned and programmed to believe if we are not doing or living a certain way or striving for success something is wrong with us. It causes disconnect, judgement, criticism, anger, and separation.

Human Design is a system that breaks all of that down and helps us understand that we can all accept ourselves and one another. Knowing your own Human Design gives you a permission slip to be the person you came here to be. Many refer to it like a map showing them the way home – back to their authentic selves. It supports you in being brave to live your life radically as yourself – “this is me, take or leave it, I’m not here to be the same as you”

Its daring to be yourself.

We are entering into a new paradigm, a higher consciousness based on increased vibrational frequencies. We are all here to be our own leaders, we are all here to be ourselves and accept that we are different, that means honouring yourself, your gifts, your talents, your energy, your strengths, and your weakness’s.

Human Design is here to teach you how to step into an aligned and purpose led life. Once we all reconnect ourselves with the person we were born to be, we are empowered by a connection to our higher truth, our authentic being.

Are you ready to discover who you really are? What your life purpose is as well as learning about the tools and strategies matched to your energy type to improve all areas of your life including your relationships, health/wellbeing, parenting and finding your right path in career or business?

The work you do to discover and express your magnificent self is the most important healing and transformational work you can do for both yourself, your loved ones, and the planet. You will be playing your vital role in the creation in a new world of sustainable peace and abundance for everyone.


Samantha Selby is a certified Quantum Human Design™ Practitioner and is the Owner and founder of Supernatural Coaching Pty Ltd. Samantha is excited to bring Human Design to the Mind Body Spiritual for the first time.