17-20 October 2024
International Convention Centre Sydney

Frequency Is Everything Remember Your Christ Consciousness!

There has never been a time greater than now to understand that everything is frequency and your frequency matters.  We are living in uncertain times, if we watch tv or read a news article it seems we have one disaster unfolding after another, it is mainly low frequency information being fed to us daily, so what can you do about this, you may think you have little or no impact.   This is so untrue!  You are an individual with power beyond your own comprehension.


Scientists have measured the heart field of the human heart and its energy is said to reach about three feet outside of the physical body and can be detected in another person sitting nearby via an electrocardiogram.  The Heart’s electromagnetic field is your superpower and is more powerful than the brain and it is sometimes called the 2nd brain.  This power is evident when you collectively or with another person pray or make an intention for another for a specific healing or blessing, miracles can and do happen.   So what and how does this happen.  When your DNA your 12 stands of DNA are activated and you have a clear third eye.  Miracles occur everyday and are easier to achieve, a coherence occurs when the brain and the heart come into alignment.


This year I received a very clear message from the higher realms that our “Christ Consciousness was activated and here now” I believe we now are living in the time of blessings and miracles.  at first, I did not understand this message completely.   Then I read more on the subject.  Christ consciousness is an elevated state of consciousness.  A state in which we are connected to our higher self:  it’s our true nature.  This level of consciousness is the highest state of intellectual development and emotional maturity.  When we say “Christ Consciousness” we’re not speaking from a religious perspective, but from a universal perspective.  Although the word has an origin relative to Jesus Christ.  This word symbolises the spiritual elevation that Jesus achieved and is a symbol of the enlightenment achieved by spiritual teachers.


The truth is we are all humans carrying the God Code within us.  We have within us Christ Consciousness in our very strands of our DNA.  Science tried to tell us it is junk DNA, no it is not it contains your super power your cellular memories to unlimited healing, creativity and manifestations in every way.  Go out and find those that can assist you to bring your gifts and talents to the surface.  We were born to know our greatness not in a better than others way but to understand we do not have to give our power away to another.  We are and always were able to create lives of pure bliss.

Love and compassion are the secret source and we have this God code within our very DNA.  The truth is we do not have to suffer anymore to know this you have everything inside of you to achieve all in this life time and beyond.