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Five things that promote physical and mental wellbeing

If you are seriously considering making real change in your life this spring, and long to enjoy the many benefits of exceptional physical and mental health and wellbeing, thestillplace.com bring us the following steps to consider to look after the whole of you! Body, Mind and Spirit.

Take the 5 steps that promote it:

1. Maintain excellent nutrition – everything you put into your mouth and ingest grows new cells in the body so make sure you are growing healthy cells!

2. Regular exercise – burn calories off at the gym and get the heart out of its normal rhythm removing toxins from the system, reducing stress levels and enjoying a natural high from the endorphins released by the brain throughout the body. Regular exercise has been proven to decrease symptoms of both depression and anxiety by increasing Serotonin levels in the brain and improving sleep patterns.

3. Meditating daily – centres you and dissolves stress and stress-related dependencies, while connecting you to your core consciousness, bringing you peace and freedom from compulsive thinking. It reduces the stress hormone Cortisol in the body and releases the feel good hormone Oxytocin in the brain, balancing your Biochemistry.

4. Yoga – deeply connects you with being and is a physical meditation that will accelerate your new growth and look after the skeletal structure and internal organs, while removing stress and tension trapped in the body, joints and nervous system.

5. Getting plenty of sleep – the body and mind need to rest, recuperate and cleanse during the overnight cleaning cycle to rejuvenate and regenerate, improving energy levels and keeping you young, vibrant and alive.

You can visit theStillPlace at the Sydney MindBodySpirit Festival in October 2019 at Stand C37. 

The article and views expressed in this article are provided by the contributor, thestillplace.com.