17-20 October 2024
International Convention Centre Sydney

Finding a safe space

For many finding a safe place to be, is challenging.

A place to step out of, and into. A place to contemplate all that is happening, and all that is not. A place to let go and a place to discover more. A place of adventure, and a place of calmness. A place of aloneness, and a place of connectedness. A place to travel, and a place to call home. A place to move freely or a place to sit and be still.

As we search for this place it can seem elusive; constantly moving beyond us. It would seem that what we are searching for, has far too many contradictions to ever be found in one place. It’s exhausting to keep searching, but it’s seems even harder to stop.

But then one day, for a point in time; we do stop. Either we are forced to or life trips us up in a different way. And for a moment, we have an experience of stillness, and it feels like the search light we have been carrying goes out. A small space appears between each thought, each breathe and each moment suddenly, slows down.

And we recognise we are now in the dark.

Without the external lights and noises, you start to search for some light, and you will see that there is a small glow coming from a crack within, and as you direct your attention to this small crack; you begin to notice that it is illuminating possibilities. This moment maybe a second or an hour or more but this small experience, this tiny opening to stillness will unveil the place of remembering, the place of returning to that which resides within.

When you get to explore this place, it feels spacious, joyful and full of potential; it feels like in here you have the truest opportunities to explore all the dichotomies. No longer is your search light blacked out and leaving you in the dark, as your light is now glowing from the most sacred and safe space of all. You.

So pull up a mat. Choose your practice. And move (or sit!) with the intention of finding your own safe space. The space that resides within.

Your search is over. Your mat is ready.