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Energy clearing crystal ritual

Crystal energy has been around for thousands of years, with ancient civilisations harnessing the energy of crystals. Crystal Healing is a holistic healing modality that uses the vibrational qualities of the stone or crystal to bring balance to the subtle energy system.

Our bodies are complex, cells, structure and system. When they are in tune, we feel wonderful. However, if one aspect goes “out of tune” crystal healing can work to bring our body back into alignment and promote wellbeing.

Here are 3 everyday rituals, everyone can do at home with their own crystals.

Clear Away Negative Patterns with this Energy Clearing Ritual

You can do this ritual anytime, but when youre clearing and releasing something, it’s particularly powerful to do during the waning period of the moon cycle. As the moon wanes, its a time to release and clear things that no longer serve your highest self. 

What youll need:
* 1 selenite crystal to clear out any unwanted or negative patterns/behaviours
* a small piece of paper
* a pen
* 1 tumbled stone of your choice that aligns with your intention. It should represent the energy you’re looking to bring in.

Ritual Steps:
* Find a spot where your crystals can remain undisturbed for 14 days. Sage your space and cleanse your crystals.
* On a small piece of paper, write down something that you want to clear away. It can be something super small, like a bad habit you haven’t been able to shake. It can be something impacting your relationship; anything you want to clear and get rid of.
* Place your paper atop a Selenite stone.The selenite will remove and clear the old pattern while making space for the top crystal to invite in new energy.
* Place your tumbled stone that aligns with what you’re looking to bring in on top of your paper. For example: If you want to release tension or bickering in your relationship, place a rose quartz stone on top for unconditional love. If you want to clear any financial blocks, use a Citrine stone on top for abundance and prosperity.
* Leave your crystals undisturbed for 14 days.

A Rose Quartz Self Love Ritual

What youll need:
* 1 rose quartz heart or 1 rose quartz stone

Ritual Steps:
* Hold your rose quartz heart in your dominant hand.
* Breathe in and out deeply seven times.
* Say out loud, “I choose love.” Say this affirmation as many times as you need to, until your heart and head feel that these words are true.
* Lie down on your bed, a yoga mat or any other flat surface. Set a timer for 11 minutes.
* Place your rose quartz gently over your heart, close your eyes and just breathe. Know in your heart and soul that love is the foundation of all things. You can shift and change your life at anytime through love.
* When the timer rings, you are finished! Be kind to yourself today and know that you are loved.

Abundance Crystal Ritual

What youll need:
* 8 x $1
* 1 small quartz crystal point or Clear quartz stone
* 1 Citrine stone

Ritual Steps:
* Start by getting your dollars together.
* Part of the secret to attracting money is sharing it with others. Once you have collected your dollars, give one away to a friend so they can begin their own “game”
* Now, you’re left with 7 dollars. It’s important to keep your seven dollars together at all times. Place the dollars somewhere they can remain undisturbed with the crystals on top to enhance their energy. Leave them undisturbed for at least 7 days.

For an extra boost – Keep a Tonka Bean in your wallet! It works in mysterious ways!