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Cutting the Negative Cords Ritual

Words by Kerrie Erwin, extract from Clearing (Rockpool Publishing, 2019)

Your auric field is your psychic defence against energetic and environmental factors. A strong, resilient auric field keeps you feeling healthy, confident, safe and nurtured. If the field is blocked or diminished by negative feelings or outside energies, this can lead to feelings of low self-esteem, meaninglessness, dissatisfaction, unhappiness, regret and depression. In severe cases it can result in physical ailments and diseases.

Even if you cannot see your auric energy, you are always aware of your energetic levels and will notice when things feel a bit ‘off ’.

This exercise is good for cutting off old, worn energy that no longer serves us from people who are no longer in our lives, or mean us harm. It is positive as it helps both parties move on. It can also rid negative energy we may have been carrying towards them and other people who may be tuning into the old, destructive patterning we have been carrying with us. I have tried this myself and have experienced results immediately as the karma or contract is finished.

You will need:
A quiet space where you feel secure and safe. Optional: A photograph or visual representation of the person you wish to cut ties with.

1. Holding the picture, or visualising the person you wish to cut ties with, visualise a blue figure eight, with gold in the middle. Visualise yourself on one side and the person you
wish to cut ties with on the other side.
2. Now imagine ties or old ropes or vines wrapping around you and connecting you to the other person.
3. Note what these ropes look like. What colour is the energy within the ties or ropes? Is this energy thick or thin? How does this energy make you feel?
4. Now imagine yourself with some big, oversized scissors, or a sword or knife. Make it big and cartoony to really give it visual power. Using the scissors, sword or knife, begin cutting through the cords or ties that are connecting you with the other person.
5. When you have done this, cut out the centre of the figure eight and blow the person away into a big pink bubble of love. This is your healing bubble or healing room. No harm can come to anyone, as it is a sacred place of love.
6. As they float away, explain to them why it is not beneficial to have them tied to you. This is not about focusing on their negative traits but on releasing yourself from any negative
effects they may have on you.
7. When you have done this, tell them Clearing you are as a person and how you want to be treated in all your personal relationships.
8. Once you feel satisfied that you have communicated what you need to, tell them you love them and forgive them but the contract you once had is now terminated.
9. With love and blessings, say goodbye and step out of the healing bubble, sending the healing bubble full of green healing light into the source of love. Close down all your chakras.

Kerrie Erwin will be appearing at the Sydney MindBodySpirit Festival on Saturday October 19 at 4pm in the Speakers Lounge. Clearing can be purchased here (Rockpool Publishing, 2019).