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Crystals 101

I often get asked where to start when it comes to working with crystals. People who are new to the field are often overwhelmed by the vast amount of information there is on them and where they should start their crystal journey.

My number one response is always: learn your chakras well and then you will understand your crystals. Why?  Because the colour of the crystal generally relates straight back to the same colour chakra.  There is a surfeit of information available about chakras, but here is a summary of the components that relate to each of the seven main chakras..

The base chakra (red) is associated with your connection to the earth, grounding, your relationship to family, physical energy, survival, courage, stability, material issues, passion and your home. The base chakra is like the foundation of your house:  all the other chakras need it as a strong base.

Associated stones/crystals: red stones such as garnet and red jasper but also brown or black stones as they are grounding stones.

The sacral chakra (orange) is associated with the element of water, thus the sacral chakra is connected to emotions and relationships with partners and friends, the flow of life or qi, desire and pleasure. This chakra is also connected to the female reproductive organs, which create life, which is why we associate it with creativity.

Associated stones/crystals: orange stones such as orange calcite, sunstone, tangerine quartz and so on.

The solar plexus chakra (yellow) is linked to your digestive organs, so how you digest and assimilate food is key, and with intelligence, self-esteem and ego. It is like a library of all the events in your life, which shapes how you feel about yourself and what you show the world.

Associated stones/crystals: yellow stones such as yellow calcite, hiddenite or pyrite can also be used.

The heart chakra (green or pink) relates to how you draw in life and create balance between your internal and external environments. Your heart chakra is your relationship to the world and how you experience love, and is the chakra you connect to nature through. We connect the heart chakra to every living being.

Associated stones/crystals: green or pink crystals can be used such as watermelon or green tourmaline, kunzite, rose quartz, morganite (my favourite), malachite, jade, dioptase, natural citrine, prehnite and chrysoprase.

The throat chakra (blue) is the centre for your expression, which comes in many forms from verbal, to creative, to even how you decide to dress to express your individuality.

Associated stones/crystals: blue kyanite, lapis lazuli, angelite and celestite.

The third eye chakra (purple or indigo) relates to insight: it allows you to sense and see in your mind’s eye that which can’t be seen by your physical eyes. I view the third eye chakra as being purple, but you will often see it represented as indigo. This chakra works with your intuition and spirit guides.

Associated stones/crystals: purple or indigo stones such as iolite, amethyst, lepidolite and charoite.

The crown chakra (white) is your connection to the universe, similar to how the base chakra is your connection to the earth. The crown chakra is where you feel a connection to a higher power, which gives you faith in life, spiritual purpose, wisdom, peace and oneness.

Associated stones/crystals: quartz, selenite, scolecite, white  or clear calcite.

You can no doubt understand now that this is the easiest way to start learning about crystals, and you can build on it from there. If you can relate an issue in your life that needs to work on to a specific chakra colour, you can go in search of your chosen coloured crystal to help you work through your issue.

The second thing I recommend is letting your intuition guide you to find what you need.  Just as an animal searches out its medicine, so too can you. At first you may feel unsure, and that is perfectly normal, but the more you go with your gut instinct the more you will learn to trust it.  Buy the crystal you feel most drawn to and then research it later to see how it relates to your current situation.  When you learn to choose crystals in this way you will find the often-overlooked crystals in stores, which will have powerful lessons for you.