17-20 October 2024
International Convention Centre Sydney

Hope: help raise the consciousness of humanity

A minute with Dr Linet: Weekly words to help raise the consciousness of humanity.

HOPE: Hope is a word that means many things to each of us.

The word Hope embodies a feeling that is uplifting, when we speak the word hope, we send out with it our feelings, our inner most deepest thoughts that we have attached to these circumstances, predicament or situation that you have invested some of your time and emotion into.

Hope is to desperately want something to happen or be true and think that it can and will happen. So with this in mind, how would you go about changing the world using Hope to make it a better place?

To send hope out to the world, and to help change it, focus on a situation that might trigger your emotions or that you feel really strongly about.  Concentrate on what it is that you would positively like to change and use this word to visualise the positive changes that you would like to see.

Feeling the word Hope means that you have invested your time and energy into it. Sending this out to the situation you have in your minds eye changed for the better will help make a difference. The more people can do this, the more that change can happen.

See how you go…..