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Chemical transfer from mums to bub’s in utero

Is it possible to transfer chemicals from my body to my child in utero, and if so, to what degree? Is it possible that my baby boy’s genitalia hasn’t developed properly because of the chemicals I put on my body and/or on him? What really is the impact of the mostly untested chemicals used in everyday skin, hair, beauty, personal, oral and baby care products? Do we really know?

Hormones and how they can possibly harm your baby

Our children’s endocrine and detoxification systems are not developed enough to be able to deal effectively with chemicals and toxins.

Professor Marc Cohen of the RMIT University in Melbourne states that one of the quickest ways a woman will detox is through pregnancy, another is through breast-feeding. Breast-feeding is by far the absolute best start you can give your child and mums are encouraged to breast feed and to also breast feed for as long as they can. It’s important to highlight that detoxing prior to conception to avoid transferring fat soluble chemicals onto our babies in utero and then continuing to do the same through breast-feeding is one of the best steps you can make to give your child a healthy, vibrant start to life.

Physiologically undeveloped: Baby’s and young children’s bodily systems are generally underdeveloped compared to those of adults, in fact research is showing that it takes up to the age of seven for a baby to develop the ability to detoxify to the degree of an adult.

Babies have a larger ingestion of food, fluid and air per weight measurement than adults, the effect of toxins has a much greater ability to inflict harm.

Rapid development and growth: Growth and development occurs most in the first few years of life and as a result, any toxins which interfere with systems that are still being established in the human body can greatly impede development and destroy cells such as those of the brain and nervous system.