17-20 October 2024
International Convention Centre Sydney

Do YOU: Be the Black Sheep

I’m Amanda. I’m a Black Sheep.
Maybe you are too?
It’s not what you’re thinking.
I’m not a bad person.
Or an outcast.
Or an embarrassment to my family.
I just have a different outlook on life and this crazy world of ours.
Maybe you’re just like me – or want to be more like me…
Look around – why do most people spend their lives doing what everyone else is doing? Simple.
They were never taught to question it.
We go to the same schools, watch the same TV shows, listen to the same music and read the same books – all because it’s considered popular.
Or normal.
If you knew there was another way, a better way, a way to live your life that was more in line with your dreams, goals and beliefs – would you still follow in everyone else footsteps?

Maybe not?

There’s only one person who can make that change for you.
Who can decide to live your life on your own terms?
You’ll find them looking back at you in any mirror.
That’s right – it’s you.
Not your partner.
Not your Mum.
Not your best mate.
Not even me,
Only you can decide.
Once you decide, you must take action.
You must decide to be who you really are and take the necessary steps to step into your true self.
It’s not always easy, but it’s a must if you want to get the very most out of life.
Consider for a moment what thoughts are taking up the most real estate in your mind.
Are they positive or negative?
Empowering or restrictive?
And are they in line with who you really are?
I common negative thought pattern I see in my clients is, “I am not enough.”
This pattern is incredibly toxic and harmful – it stops people from bringing their A-game and showing up as the best version of themselves.
What happens if we do something as simple as changing the language?
“I AM enough. I am AMAZING!”
See what we did there?
If we replace our negative thoughts and repeat the positive ones enough times, like any form of repetition learning a new skill – it’s gonna stick!
This alone will have incredible positive changes for you.
Knowing this, being in a positive mindset, you can start to ask the tough questions about whether the life you are living is really the life you want.

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