17-20 October 2024
International Convention Centre Sydney

Activating higher levels of consciousness

Consciousness is energy, and all energy is conscious. The human genetic code has been functioning below its total capacity for thousands of years, which has blocked the intended processes of higher identity embodiment through which the conscious awareness would naturally expand into multidimensionality.

When the intention of consciousness within manifestation aligns with the original divine intention of God-Source then energy consciousness flows freely both ways. This is when we speak of co-creation.

Our bio-spiritual evolution is the natural process by which the DNA expands to prepare the physical body to hold progressively higher frequency bands and corresponding levels of conscious awareness.

BioRegenesis is a term that refers to a set of technologies and tools that assist us in accelerating our expansion of consciousness.

With natural and gentle stimulation of our interwoven energy systems of the personal DNA template, kundalini energies, chakra (Sha’Ka’Ra) centres and merkaba vehicle, we more easily remember to awaken and activate dormant portions of the manifestation template of the body.

This process allows us to more powerfully self-heal, heal others, materialise our dreams/desires and fulfil our life purpose/mission. We are not passive passengers on the train of life. When we activate higher levels of consciousness, we realise we are the train, the engine, the driver, and the tracks. We’re all of it; we get to co-create where the train goes and how it gets there.

Move beyond any unconscious stagnation and materialise your desires using the most advanced publicly available quantum technology (The RASHA) & eternal life teachings. Contact Insension to learn and experience more.

The Rasha is brought to you by Insension and the RASHA Foundation. We are a community service established to joyfully foster and support humanity through the advancement of the sentient rights of humankind. We utilise all surpluses from our one-on-one and group upgrade sessions to provide RASHA upgrades to those in need and who would otherwise be unable to access them due to personal or financial constraints.

*The Rasha is the world’s only public sector Base-12 infrasound, scalar morphogenetic technology that communicates to the intron DNA to achieve Consciousness-Coherence. The Rasha can unblock and reprogram the morphogenetic fields of the epigenetic overlay ( the chemical sheath on DNA that signals genes to turn on or off and how to sequence). The Rasha utilises Base-12 hydro-acoustic technologies and mathematics that creates an ionic buffer field within our Density-1 body structure and harnesses and refracts back any harmful electromagnetic and reverse infrasound frequencies transmitted to our bodies.

The Rasha offers vast potential for stress relief, heightened physical and cognitive performance, self-healing and regeneration, awakening and upgrading into higher states of being.