17-20 October 2024
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7 daily practices to raise your psychic awareness

People who focus on developing their psychic awareness on a daily basis develop their abilities faster and become more spiritually aware.  This in turn increases their sense of overall well – being, confidence and self – esteem. They naturally make much wiser decisions and choices in their life by being fully aware that they can trust their intuitive skills to give them answers to all sorts of difficult situations.

You need to remember that our psychic abilities are like children and need love, discipline, dedication and patience to grow.  Below are 7 daily practices to help you develop your psychic skills to their highest level.

  1. 30 Mins of Daily exercise not only improves your general health it also stimulates your intuition and psychic abilities.  It is an excellent way to not only wake up a sluggish metabolism, but to also stimulate your latent intuitive abilities.
  2. Eat sensibly, limit fats, sugars and food high in carbohydrates as they not only block your arteries but also your clairvoyant or clairaudient abilities.  Be conscious of what you are eating if necessary keep a food diary.
  3. Avoid over indulging in alcohol and drugs, whilst 1 or 2 drinks may stimulate your latent senses, more than this will simply block your ability.
  4. Make time for “Me Time” whether this time is set aside for meditating, gardening or enjoying a walk.  This quite period will enable you to centre yourself and will help to stimulate your psychic awareness.
  5. Find fun ways to play psychic games and take note of your intuitive thoughts and act on them e.g. if you get the urge to call a friend do so.  If you are attending a business meeting and feel the urge to take something with you do so.
  6. Write down your intuitive thoughts and the results you had by acting on them.  This gives recognition to your inner voice and stimulates the right hand side of your brain to send you stronger messages next time.
  7. Say your affirmations especially “I am learning to use and develop my intuitive and creative abilities more and more every day of my life”.