17-20 October 2024
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5 Ways to Connect to the Divine

Throughout every generation, collectively, we have all at some point in our lives looked up to the skies and wondered, Who’s looking out for me up there? Who’s watching over my family? Who else is guiding my path? And when the going gets tough, we look up and ask; If there is anything in this Universe…can someone help me? Sages and wise men across centuries have looked upon the night’s stars and questioned the same thoughts.

Gods, saints and deities are not divine vending machines that you place your charged coins into until blessings fall out. Just as we welcome and care for our beloved friends and family, so too must we carry that respect into our devotions and worship of the saints, mystics, Gods, Goddesses and Ancestors.

No one can argue that the times have not changed, but an important question needs to be asked; Do our Gods, Goddesses, saints and mystics change with our times as well?

We all walk incredible paths; itching to climb mountains, discover new lands, fly over the seas and we all need aid from time to time, during hard moments we need a greater hand to help pull us through the darkness and there are a plethora of divinities patiently awaiting our call.

Here are some simple practices to help connect to the divine:

  1. Secret Rituals – Take a clear quartz crystal, gather flower petals and arrange a beautiful mandala around your body as you sit in the centre. Light a candle and meditate on what your heart needs. These simple acts of making a mundane moment sacred enacts your aura to strengthen its field and invites helping spirits to assist you in your endeavours.
  2. Sacred Dance – There truly is a joy in letting the body flow and especially after rough days, it’s more important than ever to move the body in intuitive rhythm -even if it makes you feel or look funny. Play music that is ethereal, organic and at times, instrumental and move to sounds. You’ll certainly feel a shift in your mind and soul.
  3. Meditate with Mantras – Most people find it hard to meditate in silence, and living in the city it’s hard to find a secluded place without the sounds of airplanes overhead. So the next best option is to meditate singing or humming sacred mantras. It can be as simple as “Om”, or “Shreem Brzee” in soft repetition.
  4. Create An Altar – Altars are a personal, sacred way of expressing the heart within ourselves and act a bridge to communicate with the spirits. Place offerings of flowers, fruit, coins, keys, photographs, water and anything that associates to whom you’re venerating to, whether it’s your ancestors, a deity, God, or patron Saint.
  5. Practice Divination – The art of divination has survived through times and everyone in their lives has had at least one profound experience of the supernatural. Using Oracle and Tarot cards help form a bridge with your intuition and intellect as you begin to discern patterns, symbols and signs from the universe, and that the universe really is here to help us grow.