17-20 October 2024
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Raise your vibrational frequency

5 tips for raising your vibrational frequency for success, fulfilment and abundance.

How can you raise your vibrational frequency, to expand your intuition? This is an exciting topic worth exploring in more depth, but for now let’s start with these top tips you can use every day.

Tip 1: Get Into Nature – immerse Yourself

Nature is inherently of high vibrational frequency, so immersing yourself will allow your body to attune to nature’s frequency. The more you stay in nature, the more benefit you will receive. The more you immerse yourself (e.g. your entire body into the ocean, rather than just sitting on the beach), the greater the effect.

Tip 2: Spend Time With High Vibrational Frequency People

You know you get drained when spending time with certain friends or family members – they are literally lowering your vibrational frequency with their presence. Be mindful to spend as little time with these people as possible. Instead, surround yourself with people that have you feel energised and centred. Note: do not allow stereotypes fool you, sometimes those who seem very ‘spiritual’ are still of low vibration.

Tip 3: Avoid The Guilt-Trap

Do your best to step out of societal norms and belief systems, they are ultimately not healthy. If you are doing something out of obligation rather than love or joy, rethink whether you should be doing it at all, regardless of ‘what people will think’. Feelings of guilt and obligation are some of the lowest vibrational frequency emotions. The same goes for feelings like anger, frustration or resentment – do your best to avoid situations that will generate these feelings in you.

Tip 4: Feed Your Body High Vibrational Frequency Foods

This is very important if you are unable to action the other tips, it may be the only thing you can do at this stage. So feed your body in a healthy way – plenty of water and fresh foods, avoiding toxic substances like caffeine, alcohol or drugs.

Tip 5: Most Importantly: Remove Your Ego / Internal Saboteur Regularly

The more you can be in a space of stillness, free from the endless mind chatter and ego sabotage, the more quickly your vibrational frequency can increase. So do whatever you can to remove your ego – clear it with the energy of pure consciousness, or talk to it and ask it to go away, whatever works for you. It may also help, like in Tip 3, to avoid situations that trigger your ego until such a time that you have cleared the limiting belief systems keeping it in place.

Going into greater depth will be important, to perceive the subtle information frequencies of your Higher Self and follow the messages keeping you on your life purpose path. But this is a great way to get started in creating success, fulfilment and abundance.